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Using the Fluids Processing communication platform, you can mix and match print and online channels. Strengthen your content marketing on both channels by posting your own news while showcasing your expertise on the web portal. Create synergy and increase your impact. Build brand awareness and position yourself as an authority in the field.
Let us put the spotlight on your communications through social media, our newsletter, our website and your own website. You are in control. You set the priorities. Smartly timed communications can generate year-round publicity, reaching the target groups relevant to your business in the Fluids industry.
Our website offers various ways to promote your products or services. Our exposure packages give you the best deal: the most options at the best price. Or you can opt for a cafeteria model, where you pick and mix the options of your choice.
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8,806 newsletter subscribers receive our monthly update (in Dutch) with the latest news, job openings, trade fairs, courses and conferences. Attract their attention by taking out a banner ad or advertorial in this newsletter.
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Make use of our reach. Create a newsletter dedicated exclusively to your expert views on the market, technology or services. Well send it on the date of your choice to 8,612 readers.
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Take out an ad in the print and online magazine to reach your target group in the Fluids industry. Position yourself as an expert in the field by contributing to the content of the magazine.
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Through the MagazineMail the magazine is sent digitally to 9,011 subscribers. The MagazineMail provides room for several blocks with a hyperlink.
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